RAIN – Resilience and Innovation Northants

Creating flood resilient communities in Northamptonshire

Flood risk is complex. Different organisations are responsible for managing the risk. The Resilience And Innovation Northants (RAIN) project has launched to trial and implement innovative flood risk measures in communities located in the Harpers Brook and Wootton Brook catchments.

We are taking a holistic approach; there is rarely one quick fix. We believe that providing resilience measures and support at various levels within a community – and across the local environment – can improve resilience to flooding.

RAIN, led by West Northamptonshire Council in partnership with North Northamptonshire Council, is funded by the Government’s Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation fund and is one of 25 projects nationwide learning and developing new approaches to improve flood resilience and manage flood risk over the next five years, in defined locations.

Catchment Areas

The RAIN project works within two river catchments within Northamptonshire: Harpers Brook in North Northamptonshire and Wootton Brook in West Northamptonshire. The residents, farmers and landowners within these two catchments are at the core of the project and their interaction will influence how we work.

Wootton Brook Catchment

West Northamptonshire – Wootton Brook

Collingtree, Wootton, Hunsbury, Hardingstone, Grange Park, Blisworth, Milton Malsor, Rothersthorpe, Gayton, Quinton, Courteenhall and Hackleton

Harpers Brook Catchment

North Northamptonshire – Harpers Brook

South Corby, Newton and Little Oakley, Rushton, Stanion, Brigstock, Sudborough and Lowick


If you live within our catchments, we want to work with you. You have expert local knowledge and understand the needs in your community. We want to hear your ideas and understand what could help you and how you may want to get involved.

Farmers & Landowners

If you farm or own land within our catchments, we want to work with you. We are looking for farmers, landowners and land managers with an interest in supporting nature recovery programmes to get in touch.


This project is a unique opportunity to implement and trial new techniques for flood risk management. It has enabled us to steer funding towards two catchments that are considered to be at significant flood risk, based on scientific data modelling. We are part of a larger programme that is trialling new approaches and will share lessons widely, which will guide future approaches towards flood and coastal risk management.


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