The National Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme

Climate change is happening now, and its impacts will continue to worsen. Sea levels are rising and rainfall patterns are changing, causing more frequent flooding. We need to do things differently.

To address the challenge of a changing climate, the Environment Agency’s National Flood and Coastal Risk Management Strategy calls for the nation to embrace a broad range of resilience actions. We need bold and transformative action if we are to become a climate resilient nation.

RAIN is therefore delighted to be one of 25 local authority led projects, nationwide, within Defra’s six-year-long Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme (FCRIP), which will develop, test and implement innovation flood risk solutions. Importantly, they will be conducted in collaboration with local communities, private sector partners, universities, and professional bodies.

What is our innovation?

This programme is an exciting opportunity to help locations in Northamptonshire, while also feeding into national flood risk management. Using data modelling techniques, we have identified the areas at flood risk, but where traditional, hard engineered defence schemes are not always viable.

The overall aim of the project is to build relationships and engage with landowners, communities and individuals throughout the Harpers Brook and Wootton Brook catchments. We will take a holistic approach to deliver a series of interventions and measures to improve flood resilience from multiple sources and to evaluate how effectively these measures work, in combination with each other.

Natural Flood
Management (NFM)

We will work with farmers and landowners to promote nature-based flood management solutions with the aim of ‘slowing the flow’ upstream of communities. To do this, we will test alternative funding mechanisms through the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs). This approach will allow us to make greater use of funding and financing from non-public sector sources, while supporting landowners in helping them to proactively adapt to flooding and climate change.

Local Support

At community level, collaboration is key: we will work with residents within our project catchments to build awareness of flood risk and resilience to empower them to take control and act in the event of a flood event. We will do this by supporting residents in developing emergency plans and improving overall awareness of flood risk. We also look forward to building upon the role of flood wardens and in training emergency volunteers.

Property Flood
Resilience (PFR)

We will promote and educate property owners about the array of Property Flood Resilience measures that are possible to help make a home, building or asset more resilient to flood water – and make recovery far quicker should a flood strike. Through workshops and events, we will demonstrate the use of resilience measures, including demonstrating examples on the Floodmobile demonstration vehicle. We will also offer guidance regarding the maintenance plans for these measures.

Innovation is the core of this project

In flooding, there is rarely a one ‘quick fix’; RAIN understands this. Part of our innovation is combining flood resilience actions and assessing how they interact with the environment around them.

All our partners are adapting and testing new techniques for engagement, funding mechanisms and modelling to create a successful project. The aim is to increase uptake of innovative measures and find new ways to achieve more resilient communities.

If you would like more detail or if you have ideas that you would like to share, please contact us.


Get involved if you’re a Catchment Resident, Farmer or Landowner


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If you live within our catchments, we want to work with you. You have expert local knowledge and understand the needs in your community. We want to hear your ideas and understand what could help you and how you may want to get involved.

Farmers & Landowners

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If you farm or own land within our catchments, we want to work with you. We are looking for farmers, landowners and land managers with an interest in supporting nature recovery programmes to get in touch.

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