Introducing the Floodmobile!

What is the Floodmobile?

The Floodmobile is an innovative mobile demonstration community outreach vehicle that has been designed to bring Property Flood Resilience to life. 

The ‘flood house on wheels’ is packed with around 50 different property flood resilience measures, to show households and businesses what property-level adaptations can be introduced to a property to help reduce the impact future flooding can have.

The Floodmobile showcases a wide range of interventions, in one place.  This includes door valves, non-return vales, wall membrane systems with accompanying sump pumps, flooring, wall coverings, alternative skirting boards, self-closing air bricks, periscope covers, recoverable kitchens and flood barriers and doors – including those suitable for listed buildings. The Floodmobile also showcases various types of waterproof plaster and insulation.

A virtual tour of the Floodmobile is available to access via this link.

The Floodmobile will be touring communities across the Wootton Brook and Harpers Brook catchments to talk face-to-face to individuals and businesses. 

It will be an opportunity to see and touch the measures, speak to our team of experts, ask questions, and watch various educational and information videos of PFR in action, in real life homes and businesses across the country.

What is the aim of the Floodmobile?

The Floodmobile was created to help show communities, households and businesses just what steps can be taken to help make properties, or assets, more resilient to flood water.   It’s packed with ideas and, with the RAIN project’s team of experts on hand to answer any questions, they can explain what options are available.

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